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My name is Adam Palmer and i run Top Dog Training Devon .I’ve been working with dogs for many years and been training for the last 7. Dogs are a way of life for me and as such, i devote a large proportion of my time to training dogs and educating people. I am also a strong believer in practice what you preach and i have my own pack of dogs which are all rescue dogs that have been given up on for one reason or another. I do not adhere to one approach in training and feel that one size definately does not fit all. I use a variety of techniques to train always focusing on improving the owners enjoyment of their dog and improving the dogs quality of life and behavior to create harmony all round.

I am proficient in dealing with a wide variety of dog behavioural / training issues and know matter what your dog is presenting you with, you can rest assured that i have seen it before.

I also specialize in the following areas where people can really struggle:

Off Lead Control

Ask yourself the following questions:

Does my dog come when called?

Does my dog choose when he is going to come back? be honest now!

Does my chase sheep, joggers or bicycles?

Whilst living in the country side people love to let their dogs run free on the hills, i can help you achieve this goal and have a 100% solid recall everytime, even in the most distracting of areas like busy streets, near livestock or in parks, even with the most difficult dogs like Huskies and Malamutes. Giving you confidence and your dog the freedom they crave.

Here is a good example of a solid recall.

Aggressive Dog

I have a vast experience of working with dogs that display aggression. This could be towards the public, the owners, other dogs or other animals. Aggression can be created for a variety of reasons and each case will be dealt with differently. I have had great success in this area with owners and their dogs now living happy lives.

What Qualifies Me To Teach Your Dog

Well as i mentioned earlier i have been around dogs for most of my life and trained them for the past 7 years and been very successfull at it. I also have a degree in animal behavior and welfare from Plymouth university. So as you can see, i am not someone who just decided one day to pick up a lead and call myself a dog trainer, Top Dog Training Devon is a way of life for me.

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