Will my dog be trained in a class environment?

No your dog will be trained in a 1 to 1 situation, ensuring that your dog gets the full attention he / she deserves

Who will do the training you or me?

Whilst i will train the dog at the start to help get them on the right track, you will also be involved and i will show you how to continue with the training to get the best results.

How long does a training session last?

When working with and dog the 1 to 1 training sessions last approx 1.5hrs

How many sessions will my dog need?

This is dependant on the dog and the issues being presented.  Please contact me to discuss.

Do i have to pay for a block booking?

No it is not a block booking of any sort, so you are not tied into anything.  You pay per session giving you control, so as soon as you are happy with the results.  YOUR DONE!

Do you only do board and train or can i just ask for boarding for when i am on holiday?

No, my service is board and train, but i have in the past offered boarding for past customers.

How much training and when is my dog exercised when they stay with you?

I do not work like most kennels where dogs only get 15 / 20 minutes twice a day.  Your dog will be walked twice a day for a minimum of 1hr each time on the moors, over fields and through the woods.  they will also walk with my pack to help give them good socializing skills towards other dogs.  They will have short training sessions throughout the day which includes real life environments.

Can you offer dog training whilst I’m at work?

I do a day service so people can leave there dog with me for the day for training.  Your dog will be trained and exercised for you, so that you will get back a happy, tired and better trained dog.

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