Home Visits

Benefits of Home visits

I will get to see the dog within its own environment, which is usually where people are having the issues.  When a dog is taken to a strange place, there behaviour can be very different.  Along the lines of, wow, he is behaving great, he never does that at home and there lies the problem.

I can arrange a time to come and see you at your convenience, as I understand that sometimes working to set times, which general obedience classes do can be very difficult.

Working one 2 one with your dog will enable me and you to bring a greater change in a faster time that cannot be achieved in the standard class environment, as I say, one size does not fit all.

I will also chat with you about the dog’s life, past experiences, any illnesses.  Has the dog had a number of owners, is the dog from a rescue or have you had him from being a pup.

I am not there to criticise, find fault in your training or how you have brought your dog up, but help to improve the life for both your family and the dog, so that you can all live together in harmony.

After the initial chat and observations, I will begin to train your dog from day one, i will not waste your time and money chatting, i will get to work on the particular issues straight away.  Issue’s with your dog could be something as simple counter surfing, to more serious issue’s like aggression.  Dogs behaviours and problems are individual to the dog and therefore need the individual approach in training.  Although rest assured that any issues that your dog is presenting with will not be uncommon and I would have seen it before.

Dogs are happier when they feel they belong and can become stressed when they think they are the leader of the pack, especially if the pack are humans, as that then creates a constant battle.

It is important for your dog to have consistency and boundaries and it is important that you teach the dog right from wrong.

Depending on the issue, dictates how many session’s, but what i won’t do, is drag out the duration.  I will look to help you sort out the issue’s as quickly as possible, whilst at the same time ensuring your dog is happy and safe at all time.

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